Friday, June 27, 2014

Bucket list plan with my Partner ♥♥♥

List of things that I wanna do with my partner whenever we have the time... 

  • Lay down and watch the clouds pass by at Langley Park, Perth

  • Spend time to be exact the whole day at Kings Park, Perth admiring the view and picnic and drinking coffee or tea or juice and eating sandwiches or pastry, read, talk and me taking photos, while waiting for the sun to set in the evening

  • Travel to Turkey.....

  • Spend a month at least in Europe.. do almost everything that we love there

  • Caravanning across Australia

  • Watch movies, tv series... (special list for this one)

  • Visit the Louvre and pretend that we fancy art.. and criticising and analysing all the great paintings.. the brush stroke, the era... the message behind the paintings... 

  • Spend the whole day in an old Library 

  • Spend 1 week in a "floating" chalet by the sea / river / jungle doing nothing.. relaxing... enjoying the tranquillity... Just bond

That's it for now... hehehehe


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