Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Support what you feel right

We are all born different. No one person is so identical to the other.. Even identical twins have some things different. We might have the same taste.. but still the degree of liking the same thing is still different. 

What i'm saying is... its ok to support what ever caused you think its right and worth your time supporting it. LET ME REPEAT.. what ever cause... may it be animal's right, human rights, gay or lesbians, woman's right, man's rights, children's right, freedom of speech right.. what ever you feel "RIGHT" babe... as long as you feel strongly about it and you want to make a different than support it... 

One thing I asked though... please dont impose it on me.. dont judge me for not supporting what ever caused that you believed in. You believed in it.. but I dont for some other reason... Hey.. its fair right... I dont imposed it on you.. and I dont judge you or label you.. so leave me with what i believed in. And dont say it out loud.. learn how to hold your tongue.. what im saying is... yes you can fight for what you believed in... your cause or causes......go to events that support your cause.. Fight for it when you're there.. when you're at home.. preach it... do what ever you thing you should to show support... but when you see someone who dont.. dont slander them... learn how to RESPECT others who at that particular moment dont support your caused.. who knows... maybe later.. one day.. they'll have a change of heart and support it too.. But in the mean time dont judge and dont say things that will effect your friendship... you're not alone in this world... ... dont let 1 cause that you dont have mutual agreement with your friend or relative ruin your relationship. Lets agree to disagree and be civilised about it.. 

All im saying is what ever you support, believed... RESPECT OTHERS TOO!! They have their rights... their believed and their cause. LEARN TO RESPECT THEM TOO.... 


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