Monday, February 18, 2013

My Bucket list - Part I

Yes... I do have a list that surely will make the bucket full or half full... and I hope that I'm able to keep the bucket 1/4 full before i kick the bucket!! hahahaha... trying to rhyme... 

As of February 2013... 
the things i wanna do and places i wanna go 
before i kick the bucket...
 jeng.. jeng.. jeng... ♪♪♪
  1. Rent a caravan and live in it at least for 1 week....while touring part of Australia... yep.. part.. coz its like less than a week.. if i have the money.. like to stay there for at least a month or two.. then maybe 1/4 of Australia..
  2. when i'm game enough.. while touring Australia for a month or so... work in a farm or plantation picking grapes or mangoes or fruits or chasing sheep... not sheep sheering... milking maybe... weeeee........ hehehhehee
  3. Iceland... igloo... ice roadtrucking... ngeh.. ngeh.. ngeh... who knows.. maybe i will... just for the sake of trying it..
  4. Travel Turkey.. again...
  5. Backpacking around Europe... not just London, Sweeden, Denmark, German, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Venice, Rome... the whole lot!! this must before i hit 50!! or else its going to be hard on the knees
  6. Bora-Bora Island.... Need i say more????
  7. Canada... ohh I wanna see the Niagara falls!! and ice as far as my eyes can see.... 
  8. Mecca.... ohh this is a must!!
  9. India!! Do i dare??
  10. ohh lately i have this itch of wanting to go to Russia.... I just realised they have beautiful monuments, churches, building, colourful building like Kremlin and Red Square.. 
And while travelling.. took lots and lots of photos!!! Yipppie....


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