Tuesday, February 19, 2013


At this particular moment in my life.. im pissed (again) im sour and bitter and angry and moody and depress and useless and agonised and disappointed and miserable and hurt and exhausted and overwhelmed and frustrated.

Simple reason actually, I was forced to attend a wedding of my relative and pretend that im okay with it. Its not that I hate her.. but generally I hate weddings.. yes.. since I cant have mine.. why should I celebrate those who could..celebrate their reunion..  

And it pisses me off when my aunt has the decency to call me up and invite me to the wedding and insist that I must come… I was like… whattt??? Don’t you understand my position? Don’t you know about my current situation.. don’t you even care how I feel?? All you can see and feel is that you want me to be there.. to be happy for your daughter.. and I have to take care of your feelings.. but what about mine? Can’t you see how suffer I am.. how it hurts me to attend it.. how am I supposed to pretend like everything os okay and smile like nothing borders me when im boiling inside??

Is you so much as care… you won’t force me to go.. you would have safe my face.. okay.. say I were to go.. and I’ll be restless, with fake smile.. I’ll be making scene.. yep… I’ll be like.. I wanna go home now.. I’m going to picked on every single thing.. you’ll see… its my way of protesting… so don’t blame me…

By the way.. for next few weeks just so you know.. I’ll be bitter and moody and sleepless and miserable thanks to you… so bite me!! Im sulking… n pouting my mouth so you could see how miserable I am.. and yes… I won’t be happy for you… capish!!??


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