Monday, February 18, 2013

Beautiful Turkey - Part II

Sorry it took me so long to update Part II of Beautiful Turkey...  

Ok... Now we shall travel to Canakkale 

Canakkale - all i could remember is its a port city.. beach was beautiful.. we took a ferry from a small town which i cant remember its name... and landed in Canakkale... and we make a quick pitstop at the town where I saw.....

YEP!!! TROJAN HORSE... and YES!! this is the same horse they use in the movie where Brad Pitt acted!!  The name of the movie is TROY. Honestly.. until now I haven't watched the movie yet... cant say why.... 

Ok if you could draw your eyes towards the left bottom part of the photo.. where you could see a tiny red Turkey flag... thats where the Gallipoli Campaign took place during world war I. Infact.. when we reach Canakkale.. they were about to have a gathering in the next few days... hence there's a lot of people around town... like the one in my photo below... see all the local and non local people.. sipping coffee by the beach.. yes.. beach front coffee house.... beautiful sunny but still chill weather... how could you say no to that.. well... i could coz the bus is leaving soon.. so I cant join the locals.. and do what the locals do!!! 

Cute Popcorn vending machines!!!

Its just so awesome.. 
People could just buy pop corn and eat it.. not like here.. 
where you have to go to the cinema or theme park to get your pop corns...

Then... after half an hour of toilet break.. quick souvenir buying and few photo snapping.. off we go on a bus ride again to the town of TROIA!!!

Troia or Troy  which you could read the history at the link that i've pasted... (hey!! dont be lazy... please click at all the links that I've provided... its for your own good.. at least you'll learn something about it.... ) is a town described in the Famous IIiad one of the two famous poem attributed to Homer where the Trojan war took place. 

Troia archaeological site

Yes... Troia was build on top many layer of previous Troy.. which have been burned down or destroy during  war and so on.. there are up to 9 layer of Troy as demonstrated in the top photo... so... the archaeologist was also suprised to learn about it... If you were there you could see the marker that the archaeologist put to marked each Troia... I took a photo but unfortunately its was over exposed. Hehehe.. this trip took place before I took up photography... in fact... it was this trip that inspire me to take up photography as a hobby. Yes... it was way back in 2008 and i have to save a lot to buy myself a dslr camera and a zoom lens.. took me couple of years to buy it... so to those who got their camera from mummy and daddy.. make sure you learn about how to use your camera properly.. and really study the art of taking photos... dont waste your parents money!!! 

One of the old entrance to the Troy...

and this photo below is available on my Flickr album... 
so please click the photo for a bigger view!!


With that.. I shall end my trip story to Canakkale.... please say something by commenting yeah!!


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