Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Beautiful Turkey - Part 1

Sometimes, while just sitting at my office desk or while laying on my bed while reading blogs or pinterest, i got flashes of memories the time while im on Turkey in 2008. 

Its Flag

Its location on the Earth

The first time i fly. And it was a long flight too. We took MAS airline and fly direct to Turkey but have to make a quick 1 1/2 pitstop at Dubai. I didnt like the 1st pilot who drove the airplane.. Bit rough and bumpy. But the srcond pilot was good.. And the flight was as smooth as riding a silky clouds.

Then we landed at the Ataturk Airport. In the midst of excitement i forgot to take photos. At that particular time i wasnt into photography. Somewhere along the 2 weeks journey i discovered that i love taking photos and my camera at that time was not good enough. But it does serve its purpose in its limited capacity. 

We went to Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.... Beautiful city...Had lunch at some Turkish restaurant. Wish i brought a book to journal my travel experience while i was there and that will be great remembrance.... However... Since the absence of the journal... i shall access my brain and write what i can still remember... 
Some Scenic View

Well... the weather was nice.... not too cold.. not too hot.. I was there in the middle of April if Im not mistaken... and the Turkish people are so good looking!! Handsome and Gorgeous!! The children are good looking too!! But what i didnt expect is that Turkey have old monument like the ones in Athen. It turns out that Troy.. the city Troia... is in Turkey!! I have good times there... as when im was young.. i love reading greek myth stories.. well still do!!... Ok.. That's another story... Coming back to Istanbul....

I've visited the Blue Mosque... but didnt make it to Halga Sophia... due to the time constrain.. love the building.. very old.. it have it own smell that i cant describe it.. be the Grandness of the Mosque makes me think.. how rich the Turks must be those days... to build something as big as that.. and the decorations on the windows and intricate ceramic tiles forming the tulip pattern was awesome. Yep Tulips... Actually its not the Netherlands who started to commercial cultivate tulips.. but during the Ottoman Empire. More reading here

Then we spend the night in Istanbul. At Hotel Cartoon  to be precise.. YEP!! as the name.. lots of Disney Cartoon Character on display.. hehhee... cute hotel.. 

If you ever have the privilege.. or extra money.. do visit Turkey... You wont regret it!! 

Well I ♥ Turkey!!

Part 2 coming later..


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