Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Final week

Well been here for 4 years and i really thought that tis is the place i'm going to work till i retire. Taking thing slow *as if... Making plans for my future business... But somehow God have other plans for me... So i guess im going with it!!!! Hhahaha... 

Since i've accepted this job offer.. Lots of other companies approached me asking do i want to work with them... Till today.. Almost 5 or 6 big company's approached me... And this one particular company even seriously wanted me in... Told them i have accepted a job offer but they still insist on having a chat with me.. So we'll see how it goes... 

Guess that will be my backup plan if i cant stand it there... Which i hope not.. I prayed that i'll perform well and will be appreciated there.. 


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