Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I've come to a conclusion

While sitting in my bedroom watching tv it just hit me.  It's true what k hanie said... If he aka my boss want to give the company to me he could done something to show his sincerity.. Not just dangle the carrot in front of me and make me work hard so that he could enjoy the fruit of my labour.  No doubt its still his company and its his client.. But somehow i hoped that he realised that without me he cant really run the business... (maybe)  

So i've decided enough is enough.  The reason being.. i've asked for a 2 months bonus as i've been working hard as if the company is already mine and i thought that somehow he would recognised it and in exchange give me a good bonus or a percentage of the profit of the collection that i've manage to collect debt from the client.

However hope is only a hope.. It didnt materialised.  I believed that rezeki dah di tentukan oleh Allah but.. Somehow... This is ridiculous. I've work like an ass and he gets all the money and spend it lavishly.  Therefore i've decided that enough is enough... I need to get put and go somewhere else that's pays well.

Oh by the way... I know that almost all of my posting are in english. Reason being. Just want to brush up my english which at the moment is so terrible. My vocabulary is shrinking and my grammer are all over the place. So i hope that by blogging in english... And when i read them again.. I could've detect the mistake and improved myself.  Sometimes im ashamed to speak in english as i often lost of word to expressed myself.  

But coming back to my main story... The moral of the story is to stop making other people rich and start making myself rich...


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