Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Meaning gloat (verb)
to brag; to feel triumphant; to exult

She gloated over the fact that she received the highest score on the exam, annoying her classmates to no end.

In my case
He gloated over the fact that he received an award from the King, annoying us, his staff to no end.

Well when someone was given an award that carries a certain title before his/her name, one must try be as modest and as humble as humanly possible. Not gloating around and then try to cover up by saying Im not gloating, I just want people to addressed me properly. Actually I dont care about the title...

IS IT??? when you put it that way... i have this feeling that you are... but you are so hypocrite.... 

Meaning of Hypocrite  
a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings

And it kinda annoying to the point that you start calling people clumsy, slow, logy simply coz they did not print your namecard fast enough, change the necessary things or inform others of your new title so that people addressed you properly... erkkk i thought you said you're not gloating!!??!!

Yeah.. i know you're proud.... me too.. but enough is enough please.. dont go over the top please... keep your head level... keep your feet on the ground!!


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