Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Somehow I always....

Manage to find something to occupied my mind... as in.. there's always something that i want.. something that i need and i'll be googling away.. searching for that thing and somehow manage to make me goes crazy...

At the moment.. im looking for a data storage device that can back up my photo without connecting it to a pc!! Yess very handy when travelling... and something while travelling like going overseas.. i do have lots of things to carry... my backpack... my dslr bag... and my point n shoot camera bag... not to mention all the bags of souveniers that i've purchased while im there... so.. carrying a laptop bag with me is too much.. i have only 2 hands and 1 back!! ohh maybe i should google something to minimize bags while travelling!!

hahaha... ok.. off to google land again!!


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