Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's new pussycat....??

Hmm... been pretty darn busy lately with lots of new things to discover, new things to explore...

Ohh Deepavali is just around the corner.. so.. Heppy Deepavali!!! Come to think of it.. i dont have many indian friends.. but nonetheless... that should not be a reason of not celebrating the festival kan.. kan... hehehe me likey holiday!! Then we gonna celebrate Eidul Adha then after that Awal muharram and then Xmas!! which mean more free holidays!! What should i do.. where should i go...

Yeah.. my kaki panjang nowadays thanks to my new ride... not that i tak panjang kaki during my old ride.. still panjang.. but now more panjang la... ahahaha. Not mentioning jaja also like my new ride... dia yang over everything we all go outing with the new ride.. what should i call it?? Can suggest me some name aaahhh??

Ok la.. for the time being i'm going to call it my hippo since my booboo bought me a blue russ hippo with a ribbon on top!!

Thanks booboo!!!


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