Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dayung sampan

Mandarin version

鄧麗君 - 甜蜜蜜

tian mi mi ni xiao de tian mi mi
hao xiang hua er kai zai chun feng li
kai zai chun feng li

zai na li zai na li jian guo ni
ni de xiao rong zhe yang shou xi
wo yi shi xiang bu qi
a~~ zai meng li

meng li meng li jian guo ni
tian mi xiao de duo mo tian mi
shi ni~ shi ni~ meng jian de jiu shi ni

English Translation:
Honey sweet; your smile is honey sweet.
Like flowers blossoming in the spring breeze.
Blossoming in the spring breeze.

* Where? Where have I caught sight of you before?
Your smiling face is so familiar.
Momentarily, I couldnt recall.
Ahh ~ In my dreams.

** In my dream. In my dream, I caught sight of you.
Honey sweet. Your smile is very sweet.
It is you. It is you. I saw you in my dreams.

I have no idea who sang this song first.. but my guess would be the Chinese people maybe a folk song or something.. coz it have a chinese flavour to it.. The same song was also sang by many Indonesian and Malaysian singers under the title of Dayung Sampan.. This version was sang by Noraniza Idris and the er-hu was played by He-yun

Hahaha... the malay version really contradicts the chinese version..


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