Thursday, September 2, 2010

Random Quotes.....

  • I'm in a good mood right now; hurry up! It won't last!

  • I've lost the direction to my happy place

Sometimes people think I am OK , I'm fine , nothings wrong with me then the people leave and I get all depressed again and think about things that I shouldn't.

I tell myself I am OK.
I tell others I am fine.
It is the truth. Is it?
Nowadays I don't know anymore.

all i want to do i sit in the corner,
and never come out,
i will forget the pain,
forget everything and

Is There any "Ctrl+Alt+Del" button on me so I can Delete my self from this life??

You will always see me smiling, but have you ever really looked into my eyes?!

I feel like my world is falling apart around me,
but I don't dare to pick up the pieces...
There just isn't a point of rebuilding anymore.

I'm being held hostage by the couch. please don't try and rescue me, i kinda like it here.

I'm tired and ready for bed.. wait, i just woke up though.. CRAP!


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