Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm happy for you and that's it...

Dear who ever is concerned,

I'm happy for you... REALLY.... for all your happiness that you come across.. in your future life.. what ever the things you're doing.. I wish you all the best in your life.. what ever that may be.. getting married, have a wonderful husband.. your hubby loves you so much... having babies.. ohh baby just start walking.. talking.. poop.. what ever it is... going for overseas trip.. have a happy family.. what ever that life installed for you.. IM SO DAMN HAPPY FOR YOU.. and that's it...

Enough with the torturing, tormenting.. the soft and subtle words asking.. are you coming to see me do what ever happy f***ing things that you cant get in your life due to the fact that your "FM" is not cool with it..

Have it ever incurred in the brain of yours that I'm trying hard to breathe.. to act like everything is ok.. like nothing matters... like I such a happy person that nothing happens can bring my spirit down.. to behave like normal people do.. like I'm not hurt with the fact that you're happy.. living my life every fucking day, asking myself what have i done to deserve this.. why cant i be happy like anyone else.. So please give me some space to breathe this treacherous air..

Oh by the way.. I'm really happy for you... ^_^
~~ but that's it..



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