Friday, June 18, 2010

Just a short catch-up notes...

♣ I'm suffocated underneath my work... too much work... but yet.. i always try to find the time to play games on my fesbook... i call it my anti-stress thingy.... One might say that if i can find the time to play.. means that i'm not that busy.. but.. I DO!!

♣ Its been like almost a month i didn't touch my camera.. i should start shooting before all the knowledge i've acquired became rust..

♣ Oh.. i spayed jack2 n rain.. but jack2 still fights with rain... donno whattado with him.. but he sure is scared to fight when my knight's around... My knight will scold him nicely... so now jack2 revert to the silent commando style attack... after which he quickly ran n hide underneath ma bed before my knight managed to catch him n lock him up in his cage.... POOR YEIN!!

♣ My eyes are dried... maybe too much staring at the monitor....

♣ Oh.. ohh... i got maself a new toy.. it's called Moviebox!! >:)

♣ i have this crave to listen to starlight over and over again... ♥♥♥

tally hoe!!!


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