Monday, May 24, 2010

One of the mondaee bluess..

What can i say... i hate mondays and i hate coming to work.. not actually hate.. more like a resentment and i do wish i'm at home.. in my comfy bed.. laying around doing nothing.. food served.. everything else taken cared off... wait.. hold on.. that sounds like my kitties life..


What can i say.. i've been watching JACK closely.. and i think he's an albino cat.. well he only have fur on top of his body.. comes to think of it.. it does looks like a mohawk hair do.. serious.. and his fur kinda whitish-orangey kinda colour.. and on his sides.. kinda hairless.. he got really blue eye.. YEP EYE not EYES.. lost his sight when he's small...

Speaking of which i still owes them a cat-condo... and a bigger cage for my kitties at my parents place. Sigh... that's y.. i need to have more money.. I do wish i have a money tree.. heh.. one's not enough... MONEY TREES!! hahaha.. dream on girl!!

Speaking of dreaming.. its been a long time since i day-dreamed..


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