Friday, February 19, 2010

Its super hot!!!

That's all i have to say for now... it super damn hot!! luckily office got aircond.. but if we were to go outside... i could melt!! Serious!!! this global warming thing is really taking effect on the earth. One month it rain non stop.... another its super hot!! And looks like we cant really depend on the weather nowadays... like yesterday.. it was so hot the whole morning and noon.. but by 530pm it started to rain.. and it was a heavy rain... with thunder and everything.. At least when it rains it cools down the air.. but today.. its humid again...

Been drinking lots of ice water these days.. hopefully i wont catch any sore throat or flu due to drinking lots of ice cold water..

And yes I know.. I just complaint bout rain few month back... now i wish it rain.... hahaha.. human... never satisfy with anything... but its too damn hot in this side of the world.. when ever i need to go out for lunch.. i felt like i'm melting... ohh ohh.. i hope the iceberg won't melt too much.. but i do hope that it will rain in some part of the country where it hasn't rain for quite sometime... or else there will be lots of open burning which will make it worst...

I was SO WRONG to be born here!! I cant stand the heat!!!! I should be born in cold country on the northern hemisphere!! where its cold outside.. better still in the artic then i can be an eskimo.. then i can play snow everyday... live in an igloo.. maybe have polar bear as my pet.. or a penguin or a sea lion..

hmmm.....WAIT !!!! how am i suppose to do that??!!!???
! ~~~ my brain just start thinking!!...


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