Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm down with flu..

But somehow i remembered this clip which i saw it on this chinese movie... acted by Cecilia Cheung and Louis Koo entitled

"The Lion Roars 我家有一隻何東獅"

then the translation of what the wife is telling/saying/warning to her husband are:-

from now on you'll love no one but me,
you'll spoil me, never lie to me,
fulfill all your promise, always tell me the truth,
never argue with me,
have faith in me, protect me, stand up for me,
share my laughter, wipe away my tears,
promise that I'll always be the only one in your eyes,
the only one in your dreams and
the only one in your heart.....

The husband answered.. OK!! (with a scared face) http://matcuoi.com

Can any one promise me all that???


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